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The world's largest windmill will be installed in 2014 in Es

The windmill can have how old? The UK's daily mail network a report 2 days to give the answer: 75 meters, this is only a piece of leaf length, close to the largest airliner A380 span length.

Reportedly, this seat is currently the world's largest windmill is composed of large wind turbine development German Siemens company, with three lengths of up to 75 meters of the fan blade, only Airbus Company jumbo jet A380 wingspan (79.8 meters) slightly shorter. The windmill in 2014 stands near the Essex coast of England in the water.

The wind turbine blades with carbon fiber, glass fiber is a part of the largest in the world. Three fan blades to rotate, covering an area of more than 18600 square meters, equivalent to 2.5 football field size. The generator has a generating capacity of 6 megawatts, enough to supply 6000 European household electricity.

Siemens partners, wind power plant operators DONG energy company said the plan by the end of this year, the installation of two sets of such generators in Essex County off. The British government's goal is to achieve by 2020 the offshore power generation capacity reached 18000 megawatts, equivalent to 18% of Britain's electricity demand.

In fact, this is not the largest wind power generator. In today's advocating green energy trends, the United States, Britain and Norway engineers is a giant wind turbine contest. The British Arup company also designed a new type of generator was built on the sea, power generation capacity of 10 mw. Fan blade design of the generator up to 275 meters, first unit is expected to be completed in 2013 to 2014.