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Shale gas industry is big to the oil and gas special equipme

Industrialization of 1 domestic shale gas

With the world's energy consumption is growing, shale gas as an unconventional natural gas in recent years has been paid more and more attention; according to estimates China's shale gas proven reserves reached one trillion cubic meters, resource potential is enormous, but because the mining technical reasons, the development of shale gas in China is still in the initial stage and, by the end of 2011, China has developed 15 mouth shale gas wells, 9 gas; demand for energy, the rapid economic development of domestic energy structure adjustment, the national energy security and energy saving and environmental protection needs and other factors, forcing domestic shale gas industry need to speed up the progress of. Countries in 2011 December approved the shale gas as independent minerals, and it has been proposed that "shale gas development plan (2011-2015 year)" the overall goal: by 2015, the basic completion of the investigation and evaluation of resource potential of shale gas across the country, master the potential and distribution of shale gas resource, select a number of shale gas prospect area and favorable targets zone, build a batch of shale gas exploration and development area, the initial realization of large-scale production. Shale gas technology international cooperation and domestic R & D continue to increase investment, will also promote the industrialization process of shale gas.

2 shale gas industry will bring about a new round of large-scale oil and gas special equipment capital expenditures, oil and gas equipment industry or will usher in the spring

The oil and gas industry special equipment in oil and gas development and mining industry downstream, oil and gas exploration and mining industry capital expenditure will directly affect the oil and gas construction equipment demand; since 2009 June, because the domestic oil and gas development and mining industry through capital spending boom, decline in domestic oil and gas construction equipment industry boom the slow development of the industry as a whole, the United States of America will experience; contrast, domestic shale gas industry directly promote the development of oil and gas construction equipment industry, involving equipment includes logging equipment, auxiliary equipment, fixed and cementing segment fracturing equipment etc.. According to the "shale gas development plan (2011-2015 years)" proposed by the United States, capital spending of shale gas industry before 2020, that the industrial capital of shale gas a total of about 107900000000 yuan, average annual expenditure in 13500000000; drilling in capital expenditure at least at more than 4000000000 each year (the 2011 drilling equipment market scale is about 2800000000); fracturing equipment spending are more than 4000000000 a year (the 2011 fracturing equipment market scale is about 6000000000), other related capital spending should be at more than 5500000000 each year. Shale gas industry has large oil and gas special equipment capital expenditures, will enhance the boom of the oil and gas industry, special equipment industry or will usher in a new round of development.

3 investment proposals and Industry Risk

(1) adjust with the changes in the development of domestic shale gas industry and related industrial policy investment suggest long-term attention, to explore oil and gas construction equipment industry investment opportunities.

(2) the risk of oil and gas industry special equipment manufacturing industry in the future may be affected by the national industrial policy risk, technology research and development and technical cooperation risk, economic risk exploration and development costs.