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China wind power industry into the test period, the enterpri

Even the prospect of wind power

In 2011, many domestic wind power listing Corporation sales have suffered different degrees of decline. According to the China Venture hit group finishing 20 of China's major wind power listing Corporation financial data display, the entire wind power industry chain six enterprise profit decline.

At the same time, the global wind power market is stagnant. Wind power giant Vestas Quarterly Bulletin of this year show, EBITDA (EBITDA) for the -9000 million euros, operating loss of 245000000 euros. The performance deterioration of the Vestas since this year has several times been reported to sell assets, investment in hearsay including Sinovel, gold wind technology and Mingyang wind power, but these enterprises were subsequently denied. In June, China wind power equipment manufacturing enterprise Wuxi Tianshun wind bought Vestas wind tower factory located in Denmark, and subsequently, Vestas announced the closure of the wind machine factory is located in Inner Mongolia, Hohhot, seems to be doing to quit the Chinese market plan.

In addition to Vestas, Suzlon India, Germany Repower and a number of overseas fan company in China market is shrinking.

Although facing a grim situation, but for the industry's future prospects, the majority of people in the industry is still optimistic.

The first is optimistic about the future development direction of wind power industry. Consultant senior researcher Li Shengmao said: "the wind power is an important part of the new energy industry, occupies an important position in the future energy structure in the world, in the long term it has good prospects for development."

Secondly, grid-connected wind and wave the main bottleneck which restricts the sustainable development of China's wind power is gradually disappear. Recently introduced policy, show that the state has been active in solving this problem.

Study on the mechanism of the consultant's report said: "over the past two years the grid towards new energy access is obvious, especially in the Inner Mongolia wind power grid construction support attitude, practical action."

In June 1st this year, the National Energy Bureau issued a "notice on strengthening the work of grid-connected wind and wave" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), in view of our country last year to abandon wind phenomenon serious fact, put forward the request to the main electric power company and the power grid and the local government.

In addition, the national energy board has decided to Mengxi region as the experimental field, find out the real reason hindering China wind power, consumption and solving measures. It is reported, Mongolia Wind Power pilot include: construction, power grid dispatching rules of wind farm planning, construction management, local consumption mode, the ancillary services market, and even tried time and again not to come out of the quota system.

The introduction of these policies and the implementation of wind power enterprises is to a "reassurance". In the national policy and vigorously promote and actively cooperate with the wind power companies, wind power and consumption problems, alleviated in 1-2 years.

The strategic adjustment of the strength of competition

At present, the wind power industry, the adjustment period, a notable trend is a vertically integrated industry chain. In addition to wind farm off the

In addition to the foot of wind power equipment manufacturing, power grid enterprises also began to intervene in the field of wind power development. Recently, the national power grid is set up the nets new source of holdings limited with wind power project development, China Southern Power Grid has officially entered the field of wind power development. The company of China Southern Power Grid holding a collection of wind power industry chain, manufacturing enterprises from upstream of the fan, the middle reaches of the wind power developers, to the downstream of the grid, the industrial chain is very complete, clear, has formed a strong line-up competition "the United body".

"At present, the wind power industry is in the depth adjustment stage, due to the order conditions of each fan of enterprises are not very optimistic, set a new industry chain advantages project discourse power, and the project will promote the circulation fan, played to the stock of the role." A wind power industry insiders said, "if there are internal digestion company system, although it can reduce the cost of purchase, but for the entire wind power industry is likely to have adverse effects, in particular the united body to join the network, the existing wind power industry may again shuffle."

Competition, market atrophy, decline in performance...... Come one after another of China's wind power in the development of the industry, for wind power equipment manufacturers, with power grid and wind farm developers policy pressure will be transmitted to the equipment manufacturers who, while the downstream enterprises to further squeeze the living space of equipment manufacturers.

Facing the test of cold, some less than the strength of the enterprises has been standing on the edge of vital importance, and has the strength of enterprises have chosen strategic adjustment in Ruoshi, in order to adapt to the external environmental changes from. In order to Sinovel wind as an example, the company will take some measure to industry adjustment period, such as personnel optimization for cost optimization of fundamental; improve investment benefit; in promoting the development of the international market, with sales as a means, for orders, don't do any risky investment projects. Offshore and overseas as well as low wind speed is an important growth point of Sinovel's future development.

In 2010, Sinovel 34 independent research and development of 3MW offshore wind turbine power generation in Shanghai Donghai Bridge offshore wind farm all grid. If this was shaking overseas each big famous fan enterprise milepost event now somewhat outdated, so by the end of 2011, Sinovel SL6000 large offshore wind turbine in the Shanghai Lingang offshore wind power a demonstration project is another milepost sinovel. It is understood, Lingang offshore wind power demonstration project (100MW) is only 17 Taiwan Huarui wind power 6MW fan, power sea unit technology innovation to make offshore wind farm construction more efficient, low consumption. This is also the 6MW offshore wind turbines in the world the first large-scale commercial use.

Since 2011, with the progress of technology, low wind wind power usage by geographical position superiority gradually into people's sight. To break the bottleneck in the grid, wind power development, countries in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period will be changed "construct the big base, into the power grid" mode to "centralized + scattered" approach, the development of low wind speed wind field, and encourage decentralized access network. At the end of last year, the National Energy Bureau issued a "decentralized access wind power project development and construction guidance", clearly distributed access wind power project definition, access the voltage level, project scale, approval for examination and approval.

Stable survival looking forward to warmer

According to the electric power supervision by the end of 2011 the report shows, China is rich in wind energy resources, is expected in 2015 installed capacity will reach 100000000 kW, the annual generating capacity reached 190000000000 kW • h, the proportion of wind power in the national power generation capacity will be more than 3%.

As of 2011, China's wind power installed capacity is 62000000 kW, in 2011 wind power accounted for only 1.67% of all power generation. To achieve the 2015 goal scale, in this 3 years there is still great room for growth. The immediate problem is the bottleneck, China's wind power resource is rich, the future development prospect is still great.

China wind power has formed their own core competitiveness. The domestic wind power industry is the first reference to the developed countries and regions, mainly the European experience and developed. But now, China's wind power industry has its own advantage. For example, large wind turbine control technology and products, with no outside help, Sinovel that domestic wind power equipment manufacturers have already completed an independent large-capacity wind machine (including models with sea, land, tidal) development of electronic control system.

In R & D, the domestic enterprise investment is also very impressive, it is understood, there are no less than 5% of revenue into R & D, Sinovel every year, and Sinovel has the absolute advantage in technical reserves of high-tech products.

Energy Bureau of national energy technology "" 1025 "planning" and the Ministry of science and technology "wind power technology development" 1025 "planning" has clearly put forward the large-scale development direction. The Ministry of science and technology "planning" clearly pointed out, to break the 10MW offshore wind turbine machine and parts design of key technology, the operation of a prototype implementation of maritime super large wind turbine. It is reported, Sinovel in 2012 June to successfully apply for the central budget for investment projects within the National Energy Bureau "10MW super large offshore wind power development and demonstration" unit project. The project will build 10MW largest global first, the power level of super large offshore wind turbines, and in Jiangsu coastal installed demonstration. Sinovel expresses to the reporter, the 3MW unit has achieved mass production, 5MW unit has been successfully grid-connected operation, 6MW unit has also successfully developed the hoisting, for the wind turbine 10MW cumulative R & D very valuable and practical operation experience.

Now, China's wind power the future how to take reasonable market competition in the road, is a question which the enterprise must consider. Hit group analyst Li Ling thinks, the wind power industry from the emerging industry widely sought to competitive industries, from fanaticism development gradually return to rational is the overall trend of the future of wind power industry. As a well-known international wind power business leaders, must look than other people thoroughly.