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Cool wind power, wind power gearbox industry contain in chal

21 century is the century of renewable energy. Wind power as a clean, renewable energy sources, in the countries all over the world to get a development. After the rapid development in recent years, China has the upper hand electric equipment is the world manufacturing power and wind power capacity most populous country, literally become wind power. 

However, in wind power unconventional at the same time, wind power equipment excess capacity problems have been noticed, the government has put the wind power equipment defined as "excess capacity industry", and a basket of wind power related policies and control wind power industry development rhythm, wind power industry in China or will have a turning point. 

Wind power gear box as wind power equipment in the important mechanical components, its development depends directly on the development of wind power industry. In recent years the piled into a large enterprise, make wind gearbox industry itself has presented excess capacity looks, the wind power industry and downstream of the temperature, wind power gearbox industry will face more challenges.