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Why do planetary deceleration opportunities break?

Why does the planetary deceleration opportunity have the imagination of axle breaking? First of all, the most probable problem of axle breakage is the quality of planetary reducer. Of course, this is what we can think of in peacetime, the most important reason is the cause of peacetime use. For example, in the process of using planetary reducer to accelerate and decelerate, how should we pay attention to and what good methods are available? Here are three reasons for Shanghai Jinchuan reducer.

First, in some applications, this criterion must be strictly observed. This is not only the protection of the reducer, but also the main thing is to avoid the output shaft of the planetary reducer being twisted off. This is mainly because if there is a problem in the installation of the equipment, the output shaft and its load of the reducer are stuck. At this time, the overload capacity of the driving motor will continue to increase its output force, and then, the output bearing of the reducer may be subjected to more than twice its rated output torque and the output shaft of the reducer will be broken.

2. In the process of acceleration and deceleration, the instantaneous torque on the output shaft of planetary reducer will be broken if it exceeds twice the rated output torque, and the acceleration and deceleration are too frequent. Considering that this situation occurs less frequently, we will not introduce it further here.

3. The incorrect selection results in insufficient output of the gearbox. Some users mistakenly believe that as long as the rated output torque of the planetary reducer meets the working requirements, in fact, otherwise, first, the rated output torque of the distribution motor multiplied by the deceleration ratio, the value obtained is in principle smaller than the rated output torque of the similar reducer provided by the product sample, and second, the overload capacity of the drive motor and the actual situation should be taken into account. Maximum working torque is required. In theory, the maximum working torque required by the user. Must be less than 2 times the rated output torque of the reducer.

In the use of planetary reducer, we must pay attention to its code of conduct, at the same time, there are fatal reasons for inadequate power for the wrong selection. The axle breakage of planetary reducer is a common problem when the output of reducer is too small. Except for the axle breakage of the reducer due to poor concentricity of the output assembly of the reducer. The above three points are the possible causes and problems.