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Price factors affecting gear reducer

In our daily life and industrial production, machinery is indispensable, and most transmission machinery is indispensable to install gear reducer. The performance of speed reducer is destined to become one of the most widely used equipment in machinery.

Gear reducer occupies an important position in life and production. Its price can directly affect the cost of most transmission machinery and engineering. However, there is no uniform pricing and pricing standard for the machines on the market, and even many different types of gear reducer also cause great interference in pricing. We have to choose the reducer reasonably according to its parameters, quality and other factors when purchasing it. The following points are the main factors affecting the reducer, you can refer to them.

The basic parameters can be seen on the speed reducer nameplate, such as power, torque, speed, speed ratio, etc. The nameplate can see all the important parameters, because each miracle model is based on detailed parameters. It is suggested that the purchaser should know the knowledge of the lower gear reducer and be able to identify it better. It is not that the bigger the parameters, the better. It is the absolute truth to choose the right one. Different speed ratio, power, torque and so on are one of the factors that affect the price of gear reducer.

The quality of the reducer can be identified by its forging material. The materials used in the reducer with good quality from gear to box are better and heavier, while the materials used in inferior counterfeit products are often very poor, especially for the important part of gear, its weight will be lighter, which is also one of the methods to distinguish the true from the false. Good gear reducer after carburizing and quenching process, its hardness, accuracy is much better than ordinary gear, but the price will be higher.

Like all commodities, the price of a well-known brand is often higher than that of other similar commodities, because manufacturers whose quality is recognized by users can become well-known brands without worrying about quality problems. Imported reducers will also be more expensive than domestic ones, which is technically different at home and abroad.

Generally speaking, the main factors that determine the price of gear reducer are product quality, product parameters and manufacturers. It is the truth to strictly check the price when selecting and purchasing gear reducer, consult familiar people, and combine various factors to choose gear reducer.